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Smart Apartment Information

Dwelo Mobile from Dwelo on Vimeo.

With Dwelo, you can control your apartment from anywhere. Cool your home on your way back from work. Let your dog walker in while you're on vacation. Turn the lights off without leaving your bed. It's like you have super powers.

You can forget your keys, too. No, really. Dwelo locks are PIN-based. Friends? In-laws? Cleaners? You can grant them unique PINs that work on certain days or at certain times. No copying keys. No handoffs. And those PINs are traceable. Your manager tells you that maintenance is coming; Dwelo notifies you when they arrive.

And with Dwelo Modes, you can ensure your home is secure, comfortable, and efficient with the tap of your finger. Heading out? Set Dwelo to Away: the lights go off, the thermostat adjusts, and the door locks. Dwelo Modes are a real-life shortcut - and they let you know at a glance that everything is the way that it should be.

It all works the moment you move in. This is not do-it-yourself. This is it-just-works. This is Dwelo.